In your 20’s? Buy these items now!

Your twenties are a time for getting to grips with becoming an adult – getting your own place, starting your career, having fun, but also paying the bills! What most people don’t tell you is that in your twenties you can easily find yourself wasting a lot of cash on unnecessary or useless items. You’ll probably spend far too much on expensive ‘must-haves’ a few times until you learn the hard way! But you don’t have to learn by spending far too much money.

Here are some essential purchases that are worth it and won’t have you racked with buyer’s remorse.

A solid interview outfit

You are probably going to be interviewing a lot in your twenties so it makes sense to invest in a good interview outfit. It doesn’t need to be a top end tailored suit, but do get yourself a nice, well-fitting outfit, including shoes, that makes you feel the part. You’ll get many uses out of it and it will help to send the right message, you don’t want to scupper your first impression because you don’t look professional.

A good computer

Seriously, a good computer is going to be a great investment. Many jobs and employers require you to be flexible with how you work so having a good computer at home is a vital must have. It’s true that your employer may provide you with a work laptop, but this is not always a certainty. Having a good home computer is also a good way to make sure your skills are always up to scratch – use online tutorials and read e-book frequently to keep your skills sharp.

A reliable car

The key word here is reliable. Don’t waste your money on a new flashy car, it’s a huge waste of money and cars are one the fastest depreciating items you will own. Get yourself a good run around that will not clap out on you every two minutes, and will allow you to get around cheaply and safely. Get something that is also not going to cost you the earth to run, especially if you will be using everyday for work.

Also, don’t forget to get your Monese account too. When you sign up via the Monese app you receive a UK sort code and account number, which your employer uses to pay you, direct into your Monese account. You can also send and receive money in real-time, no waiting. You can make currency transfers for only 0.5% above the mid-market rate; which is one of the best rates available. Using our app you can also make payments, check your up-to-date balance, review your transactions, get paid to invite friends – plus much more!  


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