What’s more important than your salary?

When you are looking for a new job you will almost always look for the salary on offer first. The salary says a lot about a job – it communicates the expected skill level and they type of company you’d be working for so, of course, it’s important, but there are other aspects to a job that can outweigh the importance of a salary.

Here are some of the most overlooked, but important features of a new job that you should also be checking:

Company size and stability

Always have a look at the company and check out how many employees they have and also do some research which can help you to discover anything that might mean the company is in trouble. There is no point in taking a job that has a decent salary if a few months down the line you are let go. Also try to get a feel for the company culture – check out Glassdoor to find out honest reviews from current employees.

Working hours

The standard 9-5 is becoming less common in favour of more flexible working. Employees are increasingly wanting to work flexibly – nearly half of the working population in the UK say they would like to be able to do so. Being able to work from home or vary your working hours can have a big positive impact on your overall work/life balance. Before you accept a job find out their policy on flexible working and if it’s something that is possible in their company.

Company benefits

Company benefits can make the difference when it comes to choosing one job vs another. Consider even the small, everyday benefits like free food (be it breakfast or lunches), private health and dental care or even bike to work schemes can all add up. When taking a new job ask about their benefits package – you might find that the value is much more than you first thought.

Bonuses and commission

It’s a difficult thing to predict, but any bonuses or commission can add a healthy chunk on top of your salary. Some bonus scheme can be very worthwhile, but don’t get caught up in ‘recruiter promises’ of massive bonuses every year – they cannot be certain how much you will get. Some companies offer a basic bonus rate and this is dependent on your role and your salary, so ask if there is such a scheme in place.

Photo credit: jabberwocky381


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