Think you’re ready to quit your day job? Read this first…


Have you had just about enough of your day job? Do you find yourself dreaming you were doing something else, or maybe just being your own boss? Well you are not alone – nearly half of the working population in the UK would like to work more flexibly. A recent study by the electronics giant Samsung UK, CEBR and YouGov also found that 12% of workers have already quit their day jobs in pursuit their own dream and have become so-called ‘funtrepreneurs’ – someone who starts their own business making money out of their passion.

But is quitting your job the right thing for you to do? There are many factors that you need to consider before you take the leap, first of all, don’t despair, it’s not impossible for you to leave your desk job behind, you just need to make sure you are prepared! Here are some must do’s that will make the difference when it comes to making your career dreams a reality.

Do start your project on the side

A.K.A starting your side hustle! Don’t jack in your job until you have grown at least a small following for your own business.

Why you are working in the first place – my bet it’s to get a pay cheque, so it’s a really good idea to consider if your passion project is actually going to help you pay the bills every month. Sure, it’s nice to have the freedom to do what you love everyday, but if the money isn’t going to come in at the end of the month, you’ll soon lose the stress-free life you were looking for and will quickly be in danger of replacing it with a whole lot of debt.

Do be professional

When you do decide to leave your job make sure you are professional about it. Make sure you work your notice period and leave on good terms with your co-workers. Just because you are leaving to start your own company, you need to keep your options opening in the early stages, so despite probably wanting to get out asap, be cool and secure your good reference and solidify your contacts.

Do get excited!

Taking the leap to leave your comfort zone and launch your own business is a huge step and it can be really daunting, but it’s also exciting! It’s a great chance to work for yourself, on your terms and build something you can be really proud of. So, when you are ready and have some savings and a solid plan, go for it. It will be hard work and you’ll be juggling more than you think you can manage, but with some good advice and solid grit you’ll succeed!


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