This is how you stop wasting your time and money!


As the saying goes, time is money and even though we all know our bad habits are killing our time and potentially losing us money, we still have them, and that’s because bad habits are hard to break!

Here are some of the worst, productivity-ruining habits that you need to get rid of and the best tips on how to do it.

Using your phone in bed

Chances are the last thing you do before you go to sleep is check your phone – 71% of Americans sleep next to their phone and amazingly, 3% of those sleep with their phones in their hands! This doesn’t just affect the amount of sleep you get, but it also affects the quality of sleep. Even if you manage to get the same amount as someone who hasn’t used their phone before bed, you may experience a worse sleep and therefore feel the knock-on effects of a bad night’s sleep the next day.

Knock this bad habit on the head by using some simple tricks to get your phone away from you at bedtime. Don’t use your phone for your morning alarm – go old-fashioned and get a separate alarm clock. Also charge your phone and other devices in a separate room, not right next to your bed. If you really need your phone in the same room as you, place it in the farthest place away from you, so it’s not reachable from your bed. Making these small changes should have a big impact on your sleep and overall productivity in the long run.

Heading down the internet black hole

Do you ever look up from your computer screen to realise that you’ve wasted a few hours chasing metaphoric rabbits down an internet black hole? Yep, it’s happened to all of us and it’s fine when you have some downtime, but alas, it always seems to happen right before you have a major deadline.

Getting trapped in the internet black hole is a major time waster, and it’s so addictive that you might feel like you can’t stop, but there are great tools out there that can help. Get using StayFocusd, it’s a really good Google Chrome extension that automatically blocks any distracting websites for a set period of time.

Checking every notification

Did you know that every time you stop working or get distracted it takes you on average, 25 minutes to get your deep concentration back? That’s why it makes good sense to turn off all those annoying notifications when you are working. A simple workaround is to set your phone to ‘do not disturb’, this doesn’t stop the notifications from coming through, but it won’t alert you when they do, so you can happily get on with your work then pick up all your messages when you are ready.


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