You’ll never save money if you do these three things…

Have you been trying your hardest to save money recently? Are you making sure you watch the pennies in the hope that the pounds will take care of themselves? Well, you might just be wasting your time.

Some money-saving efforts are a massive waste of time and actually won’t save you that much money, well certainly not enough that makes all the effort worth doing it…

First up we have clipping coupons – a massive waste of time! Spending time to find coupons for what you want and then clip them out, all for the sake of a few pence, is not going to make much of a difference to your savings goals. Plus, couponing leaves you open to the risk of buying things you wouldn’t usually want or need just because there is a discount available. This can lead to massive waste, so you might as well take your money and throw in straight in the bin!

Instead of clipping coupons, spend the same time planning your meals and grocery shopping. You don’t need to give up on getting deals and discounts, you just need to let the offers come to you. Use mySupermarket to get all your groceries at the cheapest price including offers and special deals. Make sure you have a meal plan so you know what you need to reduce wastage.

Another time-wasting and not-that-much-money-saving habit you might have is trying to find the absolute best deal and lowest price before you buy anything. It makes total sense to try to get what you want for the cheapest price and sometimes this can be easy – if you are looking for a new specific item like a bike, a quick online search will usually deliver you the cheapest place to buy from. But sometimes a search won’t help you to find what you are looking for, especially if you delay buying everything until you’ve found a bargain. For a better, time-saving way of saving money, follow our instructions on using Google Alerts and you will never miss the lowest price again!

Stop using apps that require too much effort! If you are having to log every penny and the analyse everything at the end of the day then it’s just not worth it. Instead of having loads of apps that make you life more stressful, you need to cut it right back to just one – Monese! The Monese app is great at keeping you on top of your spending. You get instant and easy to find balance information in your notifications screen, access to instant Monese money transfers and your own contactless card, which makes sensible spending fast.

Photo credit: kenteegardin


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