It pays to be social!

When it comes to social media there is no end of ways you can use it to save and even make yourself some cash; so stop being a passive user, get involved and save money now!


Instead of using Facebook for tagging your friends in embarrassing photo’s and sharing your (albeit amazing) holiday snaps, start using Facebook for saving money. Investigate some Facebook groups, they can be a goldmine of money-saving tips, hacks, and offers. One of the great things about Facebook groups is that you will find loads that are near to you, and they will vary from unwanted furniture needing a new home to more specific groups, parenting advice, and discounts or fashion bargains.


If you are not up to speed with Twitter then you are missing out. There are loads of brands on Twitter who every so often let you into a special offer or money off deals that they have running for a limited time. Make sure you follow any brands that you are interested in and you might just catch one soon. Also, make sure you follow @vouchercodesuk as they will tweet out any good deals and discount codes they have, it’s a great way of letting the deals come to you!


Make sure you are following your favourite bloggers on Instagram, they often get given a personal discount code that they can share with their followers for different brands or products. Also follow the brands themselves as they often run competitions and money discounts on their own pages. You can also try sending the brands a direct message; nothing ventured, nothing gained!

There are also a few places that let you sell your unwanted items, but in a more social way than some selling sites. Check out sites like Depop and Shpock for a fun way to sell your things. You get to build an online following and have a captive audience for your items whenever you upload something new. Another quick and easy way to make some fast cash is to share your Monese reference code. When your unique reference code is used to sign up and they deposit money into their account, you both get a free £5 straight into your Monese accounts, so the more people who sign up using the code, the more £5’s you can get. So get sharing!


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