Forget London, these are the best English cities to work in…

Ever wondered where in England you should relocate to? Well, job and recruitment website Glassdoor has put together a ranked list of all the best places in England for working. They asked their members to rank their cities based on the hiring opportunity, cost of living and their overall satisfaction.

Rather unusually, London did not make the top 20. The reason may be that despite London having many opportunities for work, the overall high cost of living and competitive nature in the workplace brought down the satisfaction score heavily.

So where are the best places to work in the England? Let’s have a look…


Cambridge has come top of the list with an overall satisfaction score of 3.5 (out of 5). Cambridge has long been known to be a beautiful city with a rich history, but the recent influx of tech companies has had a positive effect on the city. Whilst it’s not an incredibly cheap place to live and work, it is certainly much cheaper than London, and with access to decent salaries it makes a great place to lie and work.

Nottingham has a population of  a little over 289,000 (compared to London’s 8 million!) which makes it a good choice if you are not into living in a huge, sprawling metropolis. Here the job satisfaction rating is 3.3. The average home value is almost £182,000 which is great if you are looking to purchase property. The average cost for a home in the UK is £216,750, so it’s definitely an affordable city to live in. Photo credit: Arran Bee

2578121545_4d93736d96_bMilton Keynes
In at number two is Milton Keynes with a score of 3.2. Milton Keynes is a great place to work if you are in management consultancy, business development or store management as it’s a hot bed for these businesses. The median base salary here is £36,000 and the average home cost £292,692, which makes Milton Keynes an affordable place to live. Photo credit: jennifercw

Leeds is just 2hrs away from London by train, but it’s a world away when it comes to living and working, with a job satisfaction score of 3.2 out of 5. It’s a hive of culture and has a thriving nightlife scene, so outside of work there are plenty of things to see and do. The median base salary in Leeds is £30,000 and the hot jobs at the moment are in recruitment and project management. Photo credit: Mike Kniec


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