You won’t get a promotion this year, and it’s your own fault…

Moving home, making new friends and adapting to your new environment all takes time, and so does getting yourself grounded in a new job. You’ve probably got your eyes set on getting a promotion, after all getting more money and a higher footing in your career is going to make life that bit easier, but if you don’t drop these bad habits you are not going to get anywhere! Take a minute to read through our list below, if you spot anything that you do then consider changing your ways – they might be costing you your promotion!


You smoke

We all know the health implications of smoking, but this research says that smokers also earn on average 20% less than non-smokers. There are other contributing factors, but nevertheless, smokers experience larger wage gaps compared to their non-smoking counterparts. Smoking can also affect your work relationships, with non-smoking coworkers feeling a little hard done by when it comes to you taking several smoking breaks, especially if they don’t get the same back. If you are a smoker there is definitely more than one reason to quit!


You’re a complainer

Sometimes things just get on your nerves, we all get it, but if you enjoy moaning about it all the time you are going to start getting on your coworkers nerves, which is massively damaging to your working relationships and can scupper your chances of promotion. Complaining all the time is not going to solve any of your gripes, so try to not moan around others all the time. If you have a serious issue then speak to the appropriate people, but failing that you’ll just have to suck it up for a while. Everyone can get annoyed by work, but not everyone will let it show all the time!


You are not happy 

You’re not doing yourself any favours if you are staying in a job you hate. In fact, research has proven that job satisfaction is extremely important to your motivation at work. When you are feeling down at work you might find it difficult to think about how you can change your situation, but the best thing you can do is exactly that – think about getting out. You need to focus some of your energy in finding a new job in a company that has the best culture fit for you. Joining a better company could be the difference between making it to the top or staying put and being constantly unhappy.


You procrastinate

Do you tend to put things off? Never seem to get your act together and finish something with time to spare? Well, you are a master procrastinator! It’s likely you are selling yourself short – you’re not giving yourself enough time to execute your work to the best of your abilities and you are probably not making enough use of your network to get the work done. If you really want a promotion make sure you can plan your time effectively, deliver great work that your bosses can see you’ve worked hard on, they’ll be more inclined to think you are up to the challenge of more responsibility and consider you for that promotion after all.


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