Wanna make money whilst you sleep?

Of course you do, I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the dream, waking up richer than you were before you fell asleep, and all you did was rest! Now that’s a good life! But, here’s the thing, it doesn’t really happen. I mean, it’s just a dream, an impossible situation that never comes true, or can it?

Well, there’s the obvious interest your money makes – but with the rates now at 0.25%  it’s almost not worth even counting that. But there are other things you can do to make money whilst you are getting your beauty sleep and I’m going to share some of the best ones…

Use your talent

Put your talents to good use and make some money doing something you love. People and businesses are always in need of assets and many are prepared to pay handsomely for the right to use them. You can make royalties from a wide range of talents such as acting, being a musician, writing, photography or doing voice overs. Even if you’re not as talented as you might want to be, you can still make money from royalties as there are places you can buy and sell royalties. Check out Royalty Exchange for more info!

Sell your knowledge

If you are particularly skilled in something or you have a specialist job consider creating some training products like videos or eBooks that you can sell online. You’ll probably find that the most of the leg work comes when you need to market your products, but this is a great option if you already have a social following, as you can use this to get the word out. The good thing with this is that if it takes off you can pretty much relax and watch the money roll in. Plus it gives the perfect opportunity to make more money through creating follow-up products.

Start a blog

Seriously, it’s still a good option. I know it seems like everyone and their dog has a blog these days, but don’t make a generic blog, try to hone it down to one specific area (something you are passionate about or you know a lot about) then you might just be able to grow something that attracts a lot of interest. You have to make sure your posts are interesting, create videos and make it dynamic. Nobody wants to spend time reading a dull blog! The way to monetise your blog is mainly through selling advertising space on your blog and when you have a large enough following, through creating affiliate posts.

Share your space (for a fee!)

Consider renting out your spare room to make a little extra cash. It doesn’t always need to be a bedroom either, you can rent out any space you have free like a studio, a garage, an unused office and even your driveway! The hardest part is finding someone who needs the space, which you can do easily via an ad. Check out your local newspapers or online forums to see if anyone is looking.

There is an even easier way of making some easy cash – all you have to do is share your Monese reference code! Every time somebody uses your code to sign up to Monese then deposits money into their account for the first time, you both get a free £5! Simple!



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