This is how you can ace your next job interview

The job interview is the moment of truth, all your efforts to get you here have worked so far, so you don’t want to mess it up! Your face to face with the one person who stands between you and your career future, so don’t think that you can just turn up and wing it!

Follow these interview prep stages and you’ll be sure to have the best chance of securing that much wanted job!

Know the company

Like really know the company. I know it sounds like the most basic thing in the world, but you’d be surprised at how many people blanket apply for jobs and have no real idea of who they are applying to! Find out what they do and why and what’s their core belief? Also look at their competitors and the landscape of the industry – what issues are the company facing and why? Also look at relevant blogs, tweets and trade magazines/newspapers to get a good insight.

Research who you are meeting

Make sure you know who you are going to meet. Find out their job title and their role in the company, the team and where they stand in relation to your potential new role. You’ll also want to know if anyone else will be joining you in the interview (and the same details apply – know who they are etc). Find out about what their professional background is and look to see if they have a professional twitter or blog that you can follow. It’s good to get a grasp on their professional views before you meet them, plus it’ll give a nice sense of familiarity when you meet face to face, removing some of the nerves!

What are your plus points?

In every interview you will always get asked about yourself and your current role so you can easily get this answer worked on ahead of time. Think about your good point, what are you strong at? Make sure you have examples of when you’ve excelled or overcome any particular issues at work. Remember, this all needs to be in relation to the job on offer – nobody cares that you can do a backflip if your job is going to be designing packaging!

Be confident – even if you have to fake it

This might be the biggest interview of your life, your dream job, the career defining position that would change your life, but forget the nerves at the door – you need to be confident, thorough and charming, so there is really no time for annoying nerves to get in the way. Before you go to the interview make sure you have practiced and you know your stuff! Study your body language in a mirror – don’t slouch, hold your head up, practice maintaining eye contact and make sure you don’t come across as being arrogant!

If you follow these tips you should find yourself in a much better position to go in and make a great impression and land the job!


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