This is how you make travel cheaper

Let’s face it, travelling is not cheap. You might be able to make your money stretch if you are really good at budgeting, but you’ll still have to spend something on food, accommodation and all those experiences you have planned. When you’re totting up the cost of travelling it might leave you a little daunted – ,how can you afford to go?

Well, it’s not impossible and with our tips you can see the world and not have to sell everything you own to finance it!

Think money


Before you go think about how you will manage your money when you are on the road. Monese is not only great for everyday banking, but also for travelling. With a Monese account you’ll have access to your money just like you do at home. You can use atm’s, transfer money on the go, check your balance easily in the app and use your Monese contactless card anywhere that accepts Visa. Check out how to get yours (in as little as 120 seconds!) here.

Visa free?


If you can, consider avoiding high visa costs (and long waiting times) by travelling to areas that don’t require you to get one. Of course, this might not work if you have your heart set on a particular destination. If you do end up paying for a visa, make sure you get the most out of it. See different places and visit as many attractions as you can, you don’t want to shell out a lot of your budget and not get the best experience.

Photo credit: Karen V Bryan

Buy in advance


There is a common thought that the best deals are always around right before you travel, but you can actually get much better deals (and give yourself time to pay for them) if you book way in advance. As soon as you know your itinerary look into buying tickets for travel, attractions and experiences a.s.a.p. Make sure you check sites like Kayak and Skyscanner for cheap airfares, Megabus for coaches and Loco2 for trains to grab yourself a bargain.

Go local


When you arrive don’t just stick to the most touristy areas – talk to locals to get some off the beaten track recommendations, especially for places to eat. They’ll often know the best places to go and they will usually be far cheaper than the usual tourist traps. Also find out if there are any local festivals or events happening. You might come across something really cool that gets you a first-hand view of new cultures in an authentic and fun way.  


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