This is how you can do some real work while you travel

Having to work and travel can be really difficult. You have to manage not only getting from A to B but also fitting in your work around dealing with jet-lag too. Even if you are used to moving around a lot for work, it can still be a struggle to balance everything and eventually, if you are not careful, you can suffer from burnout.

Let’s have a look at some of the best strategies for coping with work whilst you are on the go.

Add a little buffer

Luckily, most of the time you may need to travel for work you will know a while in advance, so you should use this time give yourself some ‘work room’. Get as far ahead with your work as possible and make sure you are fully prepared for any tasks you will have to do when you are away. Getting a little ahead of your schedule is going to reduce your stress when you are travelling, especially if you get caught in any delays!

Set up some boundaries

If you are travelling of your own accord and are trying to work around seeing new places it’s important that you give yourself some boundaries. Depending on what works best for you and what your travel plans are you might want to split your working day up. For instance, you could try getting up a little earlier and working through the morning, then around lunch time, go out and explore. When you get home in the evening do a couple more hours of work before winding down for bed. Also, make sure you give yourself a weekend. Often when you are not tied to an office schedule you’ll work all the time, and it soon gets tiring, so set yourself some time off, and stick to it.

Pack sensibly

Make your life easier by bringing with you the right travel gadgets. You should always pack:

  • a travel charger
  • spare battery packs
  • an extra charge cable just in case your usual one gets lost,
  • adapter plugs
  • mobile hotspot (particularly useful if you are travelling somewhere with sketchy internet connection)
  • Some decent headphones. These come in extra handy if you have to do any conference calls

Also remember to get yourself a decent level of travel insurance that also covers your work items and gadgets just in case anything gets broken or lost.

Sort your money out

Make sure you know what’s going on with your finances when you are not at home by signing up to Monese. You’ll be able to keep track of your spending, make transfers, get paid, use atm’s and spend using your own Monese contactless card.

Ultimately, travelling and working at the same time can be an amazing and fulfilling experience as long as you set yourself up before you go!


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