Fancy some free money advice? Here’s how to get it…


You might think that you can’t ever get something for nothing, especially when it comes to money, but that’s not strictly true. There is a way that you can get some good financial advice without having to pay someone for it or having to read any long and complex books – how I hear you ask? Podcasts!

Podcasts are incredibly useful, but there are some really great ones that dish out free advice, teach you new strategies and share interesting and thought-provoking anecdotes that you can take on board to strengthen your own finances. Another great things about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime, wherever you are. They are great for switching on when you are on your commute, in the gym, chilling at home or while you work.

Here’s our podcast top picks that you should have a listen to:

Listen Money Matters

This is a great podcast if you are looking for solid, practical advice on managing your money. They describe their podcasts as ‘not your father’s boring money show’, and it’s easy to see why when you actually listen to their shows. Topics include ‘How to quit your job and actually start a business’, ‘How to become a skilled negotiator’ and ‘Handling money in a relationship’. Hosted by several personal finance specialist from a manner of different backgrounds, the podcasts help to get you budgeting, make more money and to understand investing, amongst other things.

Smart Passive Income

We all love a good side hustle, but knowing what and how to get a passive income set up and extra money coming in is not easy. Smart Passive Income delivers smart and fun podcasts that aim to break down the barriers to creating a passive income. The host, Pat Flynn hosts interesting interviews with a variety of popular and successful entrepreneurs who all shed some light on making a passive income which makes it a great show to listen to.

Radical Personal Finance

This podcast is the one to listen to if you want to hear money advice on a wide range of topics. This podcast steers away from the run of the mill money advice, instead opting for topics like ‘How to Build a Plan for Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less’, ‘An Immigrant’s Path to Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Get Paid To Adventure Travel the World With Your Family and Still Save a Ton of Money!’.

The Investors Podcast

Don’t be put off by the name, you don’t have to be an investor to get something out of this podcast; in fact, this podcast is all about teaching you from scratch. They say they ‘study billionaires and the books they read’ to teach us what they find. They also have interviews with successful and wealthy people to get to the crux of how they did it.


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