How to get work done when you are travelling

Yay for travel – becoming the digital nomad of your dreams, jetting off and not knowing where you’ll be this time next year – such fun! Until you actually have to do some real work. It can be hard to break out of the idea that you are actually working and not just on a long holiday. But you need to snap out of this idea fast, otherwise you might find that you can’t finance your dream life for much longer.

Here are our top tips for staying productive when you are on your travels:

Plan ahead

Trying to get work done is the aim of the game, but if you don’t plan properly you could end up in a jam. Make sure wherever you go you will have a decent wi-fi connection, access to power and somewhere comfortable to sit for a few hours while you get your tasks done. You have to stay ahead of the game so that you don’t end up missing crucial deadlines, which could have disastrous consequences for your bank balance.

Make the most of it

You almost certainly will come face to face with some challenges when you are away. There will be setbacks and hold ups which you will have to deal with. How you handle them can make or break your journey. Don’t try to get into anything too difficult, use this time to do the ‘easy’ work. Send a few light emails or make some phone calls, but don’t attempt to get into anything heavier until you have ironed out your challenges.

Find your space

Wherever you decide to go you should always try to have your own space. Make sure you bring with you a few things that will make working easier – bring some noise-cancelling headphone with you, they’ll come in handy when you are trying to drown out any annoying or distracting noises. Also think about how you like to work – do you like pitching up anywhere and working off your lap, or do you need a more structured setting? If you are the latter then consider finding co-working spaces, check out Global Coworking Map for various cool places to work from.  

Use your downtime

When you have managed to get your work done for the day, use your downtime wisely. Of course you’ll want to get out and see all the sights, but remember to get some rest too. Recognise when your body is telling you to slow down a little, eat some good food and get a good night sleep! You’ll feel much better and be able to produce a higher quality of work.


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