The best money-saving shortcuts you need in your life!

When it comes to saving money there are two camps, the people who are obsessed and like to save as much as possible, and those who are a little more ‘flexible’ with their money, and have no problems in dipping into their savings, or not saving at all. It’s easy to fall into the latter category as saving is not particularly fun and it needs you to be frugal, cut back on treats and to be somewhat structured in your spending. But saving doesn’t always need to be hard, there are ways you can increase your money pot that only takes a small amount of effort on your part:

Cut your bills


One of the biggest dampeners to savings are your bills. It can be really frustrating to be cutting back on your lifestyle, only to find that your bills are swallowing all your money so you can’t save as much as you want. To stop this from happening every month you need to set aside an hour or two to make sure you are getting the best deals available. First of all get copies of your recent bills and check your usage – make sure you are being charged the right amount! Then visit USwitch to get a comparison of different energy and broadband suppliers and tariffs, and if you can, switch over to the cheapest and best deal for you. Also, check your insurance premiums – are you paying too much for your car or house insurance?

Save without even thinking about it


It’s difficult to stash money away when you’re confronted with something new you really want. Set yourself up for saving success by making automatic payments into a separate account. When you remove yourself from the equation, you are removing the temptation to spend money! The automatic payments don’t need to be anything huge, you can even start small if you are worried about cash flow. Make sure that your bills and expenses are covered (check your budget) and then set aside an amount that you feel you are not going to miss. Remember to give yourself some leeway and don’t move all your spending money!

Don’t need it? Stop it!


How many subscriptions do you have? Furthermore, how many subscriptions do you actually use? If you hardly use them they should go! You could save yourself hundreds a year if you cut out any unnecessary subscriptions. Another thing you should stop is all those tempting newsletters and emails trying to get you to buy things you don’t really need. All they do is consistently throw you new and interesting things that would be cool to own, but you don’t need any of it! Get on to and get unsubscribed from all of them in one simple click.


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