Google can save you big £’s on your flights – here’s how…

What’s the first thing you do when you have a question you need answering? I’m going to go out on a limb and say you Google it. So what happens when you want to find a flight? Exactly the same, except you are probably searching for agents or companies that you can book with. But did you know that Google has a specific tool to help you find the best and cheapest trip – Google Flights.

Here’s our guide on getting the most out of Google Flights:

Find the cheapest price

This one is a given really, but Google Flights lets you see the prices on every day of the month in which you want to travel, and to make it blindingly obvious – the cheapest days to travel are highlighted in green. Another handy thing about this feature is that it is accompanied by a graph that shows you how likely it is for the prices to drop (or rise) in the future.

Know what flight you want?

If you know what flight you want but haven’t booked it yet, let Google track it for you, and if the price falls you will get an email letting you know! This is a really cool feature as for most people, finding the cheapest flight can be a headache and you can often be forced to pay a top price when you don’t necessarily have to. Google flights takes away all the pain of price hunting!

Find cheaper alternatives

When you are looking for your flight Google will show you similar flights that are cheaper – they’ll also show you how much you could save if you switched. This is great if you are flexible on when or where you can fly to or from.

Get the best flight

Do you need a combination of flights, connections or stopovers? Google Flights will automatically let you know, based on your criteria, what the best combination of flights are. It will filter by the fastest and cheapest options so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

Not sure on the destination?

If you are open to where you want to go, but still have a budget in mind, Google Flights lets you select an area, then it shows you the prices for your given dates across the region. You can compare how much it costs to fly to various places, see the prices from different airlines and filter by flight time too.

Get price alerts

One of the best features of Google Flights is that you can get a notification letting you know if the prices are about to go up. Google uses historical data to predict when the price of some flights may increase, and they’ll give you a heads up just before that happens so you can bag the cheapest fare.


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