Side hustles that you can start alongside your day job

If you’ve read any business motivation blogs or books you’ll be familiar with the idea of a ‘side hustle’. The basic principle of a side hustle is to supplement your day job earnings. Some side hustles can be more time-consuming than others, and they vary in what they deliver depending on what you are doing it for – extra cash, or building your empire starting with a small business.

It can be difficult to know what skills are in demand and how you can use them to make some money, so here are some suggestions of real businesses that you can start alongside your day job. You never know – it might just be the side hustle of your dreams and end up becoming your day job!

Launch a Podcast

Do you have any expertise in a niche area? It could be anything really, as long as you have some knowledge to share you can start your own podcast show. Podcasts are a good side hustle as they can be done in your spare time and are based on whatever you want to talk about! You will have to think about topics and structure and have somewhere to record (a home set-up is fine), but aside from that, it can become a great little earner for you. The aim is to get your content listened to, as the larger your audience is the more exposure and higher rating you will get. Once you have a large enough following advertisers start to get interested – which is when you start to make some real money.

Create eBooks

If Podcasts are not your thing but you still want to use your expertise to make money, consider creating and selling eBooks. One of the best things about eBooks is that once it’s completed it requires hardly any effort from you – it’s a great passive income. If you do want to write, think about what you want people to take away from your book. Do you want to write a one-off, top line book, or do you want to create a series of books teaching a specific topic or skill set? How you structure them can make the difference to how much money you get in the long run.

Online tutor

There are many people who use their skills to teach others and now with the use of Skype and other messaging apps they can offer their services to a huge audience, from the comfort of their own home. A particularly good skill to teach is your language! There are loads of people who are trying to learn English (as well as other languages) with a native speaker, and they will pay handsomely for your help.

Travel advisor

This one is great if you have any travel experience. That gap year you spent travelling around Europe or Asia could come in really handy here. There is a big market filled with people who are looking for some travel advice and they need to speak to someone who can give them all the insider tips, tricks, and lesser-known must-sees. Even if you haven’t travelled much you can get in on the action – if you live in a popular tourist town you can brush up on some cool facts and get yourself signed up to do some local guided tours. Check out Plansify for some more info.


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