20-something? Your future self will love you for this…

During your 20’s you’ll experience a huge amount of change in your life. You might be off to university, managing your own money and making your start to adult life. It can be a difficult time in the sense that you have a lot to learn in a relatively short amount of time and some decisions may have long-lasting repercussions, so the stress of making the right ones is high.

That’s why we’ve put together 5 things that you should do now so that you can have the best future:

Start a savings habit

We totally get it – having any spare money right now it almost laughable right? You’re probably working your way up the career ladder and juggling paying your rent with buying anything other than ramen noodles, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from saving something as and when you can. Don’t stress about having a regular savings schedule as you probably won’t be able to stick to saving the same amount at the same time every month. Instead, put away what you can, when you can. Having even a small amount of savings is going to take away a lot of stress as you get older, so it really is worth banking whatever you can afford from now.

Learn how to cook

Learning how to cook could end up saving you thousands of pounds every year, so it’s a great skill worth picking up now if you haven’t already. It’s easy to grab a takeaway or eat out but it’ll quickly eat up all your budget. Learning to cook is something that takes a little practice, but there are literally millions of recipes and cooking videos out there that you can follow. Start with something simple to learn the basics, then you can get your repertoire up. Learning to cook is also great when it comes to our next tip…

Look after yourself

Yes, you may have youth on your side but now is the time to start investing in yourself, and trust me, future you will be singing your praises! Think about what you eat and make sure you are getting the best nutrition possible (this is where the cooking skills come in). Also start an exercise routine – even a jog around the park will work wonders. Start to take the time to work on enhancing your career skills too, find out if there are any professional courses you can do that will help your career progression, your company might even foot the bill if you convince them it’s worthwhile.

Get clued up about money

Yep, it might be boring and you may not think it’s even worth caring about now (seeing as you don’t feel like you have much of it), but getting your head around money and finances now will save you a whole lot of bother in the future. Listen to some podcasts, read some books and watch some Youtube videos to give yourself a basic understanding of finance. Try to understand the fundamentals like credit, savings, investments, and budgeting, and you’ll be able to get further ahead than most people your age.

Live within your means

Simple, but probably the best piece of advice in this whole article. As soon as you have money coming in, start to manage it. Think of money as a tool, it’s there to be used wisely. Create a budget that you can stick to, so make it realistic. You’ll be tempted to take on more and more credit, but do you actually need it? It’s very easy to view credit as free money, but it’s exactly the opposite to free! Learning how to live within your means now will set you up for great financial success in the near future, so it’s definitely worth cutting back, whilst you still can make a difference.


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