Ready to rage quit your job? Stop! You need to read this first!

There are certain times in life where you reach a point of no return, where your job no longer reflects where you want to be and it can be hard to work through those feelings, especially if you’ve just had the proverbial straw the breaks the camel’s back. You’re probably reaching for the panic button – but the way out is not just through quitting!

Let us show you the best ways you can leave your job behind but still have a happy and successful exit, leading you to bigger and better prospects!

Note what you have achieved

Now is the time to start looking at your c.v and do any necessary updates. Chances are that you’ve not looked at it since your last interview and it’ll definitely need an update. Look back at your time in your current job and jot down what skills you have picked up, the size of your projects and anything significant that you have achieved. Pay careful attention to any of your quantifiable successes – these will speak the most to future employees.

Prepare for what’s next

Create a list of potential new jobs that you are interested in. Get a feel for the jobs market – what’s on offer, and how it compares to your current role in both responsibilities and salary. It’s going to be much harder for you in the long run if you quit your job with no idea where you are going next – you don’t want to jump out of the frying pan, straight into the fire! Get yourself connected with some hiring managers and recruiters too, the best way is to go via LinkedIn. Let them know that you are on the lookout for work or that you are interested in a job they have posted, but be discreet – you don’t want word getting back to your employer that you are planning to leave!

Rebuild bridges!

If you have been hating your job there’s a high chance that your colleagues have noticed. Rather than leaving a trail of destruction as you go, rebuild some of the relationships, even if it’s just on a professional level. Make sure you are an active presence in the workplace and don’t shy away or scale back from interactions. Once you have rekindled your professional relationships connect with your co-workers on LinkedIn and give some recommendations, in the hope you will get some back. Rebuilding bridges is worth far more to you in the future, and having a large network will definitely help your career progression.

Create a timeline

Make sure you give yourself enough runway to a good exit as possible. If you know your notice period is 4 weeks, don’t hand in your notice before you have already secured somewhere else to go! Unless you have a huge amount of savings behind you that you are prepared to sacrifice, don’t rage quit! You’ll be surprised at how long it can take to land a job offer and you really don’t want to be forced to accept a mediocre job because time is running out! Once you do hand in your notice, try to not scale back what you do – it’s important that you leave on a high with your current employers – references are usually checked and it’s far more valuable to you to have a great one! Remember, last impressions are as important as first ones!

Now you have some great advice to follow you can get out there, take control of your future and grab the job of your dreams!


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