This is the one thing that can elevate your hustle to the top…

Do you know what you are working for? Maybe it’s more money or perhaps you want a more prestigious role? Either way, being mindful of your end goal is going to to be the one thing that changes the game for your career.

Mindfulness is more than just being aware of your present state. When it comes to your career, being mindful lets you plan several steps ahead because you know where you need to end up. Having this prior knowledge allows you to plan and make the right decisions now, rather than floating through your hustle and playing the long game. Using mindfulness to listen to your gut feelings and marry it with your intelligence is going to give you the edge over your competition, and get you to the dizzying heights of success faster than just idly hustling your way to the top.

Sound good? You bet it does! Here’s what you can do to get your mindful hustle going!

What’s next?

You need to always be thinking ‘what’s next?’, even if you have just landed a new job. That’s not to say you have to neglect your current role and responsibilities, in fact, it’s the opposite; you need to boss the heck out of them. But all the while, know why you are killing it – for your next move. If you know that there are certain steps that need to be followed for you to progress then you want to do them as fast as you can and to the best of your abilities. Doing this will give you a great reputation and you’ll learn all the necessary skills you need for the next jump up the ladder. Pay your dues, but don’t get distracted by the ‘right now’, don’t lose focus of where you want to be next.

Work smart

As the old saying goes ‘work smart, not hard’. This is true, however sometimes there is no avoiding hard work. The one thing to always be mindful of is not losing yourself in the process of working hard. It’s easy for a difficult project to consume all your time and leave you feeling wrecked by the end of it. Make sure you always leave room for yourself to rest and recover from a busy and stressful day/week/month. Losing focus is a huge mistake you can’t afford to take, there’s no point in hustling for hustling sake; you’ve got to do it for a really good reason! Remember that working all the time doesn’t make you the best – having the biggest impact does.

Use your connections – for others

This tip feels a little bit counterproductive, I mean, aren’t you supposed to keep your network tight to get further than your competition? When it really comes down to it, the answer is yes. But if you want to build your connections and get known for being the go-to person, then use your network to help others without asking them to help you first. You’ll find that people will be much more willing to bring you into their networks or share their contacts with you if you’ve helped them out before.

Take an alternative route

Sometimes taking the road less trodden can be your direct path to success. There are always companies, roles or projects that people try to avoid but if you want to make an impact try stepping up to the plate. You might not necessarily think that working on certain things is going to benefit you, but you’ll be surprised at some of the opportunities that could arise for your future. Taking on work that may not be in your preferred area sounds like a backward step, but choose things that can give you an in-depth and hands-on learning experience. You might end up knowing far more about the all-important behind-the-scenes (but not at all exciting) stuff that makes the difference between you and another candidate in the future.


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