Get more employable, instantly!

Ready to make the jump into a new or more experienced role? Or maybe you are currently in between jobs and need to find employment a.s.a.p? There are some things that you can do that will make you instantly more employable and fill any gaps in your c.v.

Temping or part-time work

If you are stuck between work temping can be a great way to keep your skills sharp and earn some money to keep you afloat while you are interviewing for your preferred permanent position. Temping is a great way to see a range of new companies, network with a wide range of co-workers and sometimes you might even be able to secure long-term work with a company that you like.

Get skilled

Really want to get your c.v to stand out? Then you need to up your skill base. Think about your career and what skills are the most in need, then get clued up! You could go online or take classes; accredited courses are going to give you the biggest impact. If you get the chance to learn on the job, maybe offer to do a volunteering post or shadow a senior in exchange for some on the job experience, it will benefit you massively. Having your skills verified by a previous employer is really going to strengthen your position when it comes to getting hired.

Get social

Get yourself blogging about your career specialism now! Getting your blog up and running can take some time, but it can really help to get you opportunities that you might not have ever had a look in before. Also, make sure you have a professional social media presence. You need a professional LinkedIn profile, and having a focussed Instagram account will also be beneficial to your career.


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