These languages could earn you a pretty penny in the UK…

In this day and age it’s no surprise that being multilingual is a huge benefit to some companies. For some businesses, having staff members that can speak several different languages between them is a skill they’d be willing to pay over the odds for. A new study by job search engine Adzuna looked at over a million different job posts and analysed which languages can make you the most money in work.

Here’s the rundown of the best languages you should learn to make yourself some more money in Britain:

  1. Spanish

According to Adzuna, Spanish is the third most in-demand language with over 3000 jobs that demand the language currently available in the UK. These jobs also offer the fifth-highest average salary in the list – £29,262. Having Spanish as a second language is also very useful if you want to travel – it’s the second most popular language in the world.

  1. Dutch

In the UK there are nearly 2000 jobs that are looking for Dutch speakers. It comes fourth in the list of the highest paying jobs, with typical Dutch speaking roles having an average salary of £29,423.

  1. French

In at number three for the highest average salary is French. Being a close neighbour to the UK, it’s not unusual that it’s a highly sought after language skill. The average salary for roles that require the French language is £32,646 and there are currently more than 6000 job openings.

  1. Arabic

Despite being a tricky language to learn, you might want to give it a go as Arabic is the second best paid language in the UK. The average salary for these jobs is £34,122. It is currently at number 10 on the most in-demand jobs position, with around 1000 positions available.

  1. German

The most in-demand second language and the highest average salary positions is… German! Right now in the UK there are over 6000 vacancies that require German language skills and the average salary for these roles is £34,534, so picking up the German language could really improve your bank balance!

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks


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