How to get a job instantly in London

When you first arrive in London from abroad there are three main obstacles that you’ll have to overcome.

  1. Where you’ll stay
  2. How you’ll find work and get paid
  3. How you’ll pay for everything

You’ll need a job and a local UK bank account to deal with all three of these obstacles, but that can be pretty tricky when you’ve just arrived in the UK and don’t necessarily have all of your paperwork sorted.
Luckily for you, we’ve put together a handy guide that shows you how to secure a job and get a UK current account almost instantly! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Now, let’s get you a job and somewhere to put your wages…

First up let’s cover work:

Trying to find work in London can be stressful; while there are many job vacancies, they are not often easy to find and the positions get filled very quickly, or the whole application/interview process can take a very long time, which can all be very off-putting.

The good news is you can avoid all of this stress, let the jobs come to you, then get hired in minutes! How? With Jobandtalent!


Jobandtalent makes finding work fast and easy. They have more than 150,000 businesses looking for new employees (you!), and the great thing is JobandTalent uses a unique algorithm to match you the right jobs. This saves you from wasting time trawling job boards!

The jobs they have cover a wide range of areas including:

  • Cheffing
  • Hairdressers
  • Drivers
  • Customer Service
  • Bar Staff
  • Personal Assistants

Still need reassuring? Listen to what their customers have to say:

So how do you use this amazing app? Just follow our how-to:

Step 1

Just like Monese, Jobandtalent is app based so to get started download the iOS or Android app.


Once the app has downloaded you need to sign up – select ‘I’m a candidate’.

Step 2

Now you have signed up you need to complete your profile. This is where you can fill in your personal information and your employment history:

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any work experience yet – you can deselect this option and head straight to the job posts.

Step 3

Now you should be able to see a scrollable list of jobs that are available. If you have filled in your work experience you will see all the jobs that match your skills and work history. At this stage you can also ‘search’ for jobs if you are looking for something more specific.

Also take note of the different tabs now available:

  1. Jobs – all new jobs that you can apply for
  2. Applications – your previous applications
  3. Messages – Here you can reply to hiring managers when they contact you
  4. My Jobs – See your current jobs and current offers
  5. Profile – View and edit your personal profile

Now let’s explain how getting a job via the app works:

So let’s imagine you have already signed up to JobandTalent and all you’ve followed all the steps above including applying for a few jobs. As soon as you get a job offer you’ll get a notification straight to your phone –


You can then view a more detailed offer in the app itself.

If you are happy with the job conditions and want to accept the offer click ‘Accept offer’, then the job is yours!


How easy was that!

Now you can formalise the contract by filling out some important details like your bank account information. This is what really sets Jobandjalent apart – you fill in your information in-app so you can get paid!


You move on to sign the contract in app:


Then that’s it – you’ve got your job and can start work a.s.a.p!  

If you want to check your payslips you can do this too – right in the ‘My work’ tab:


Now you have got a job, you need somewhere to put the money. Forget having to wait for months to get a bank account – with Monese you can get your own UK current account in as little as 120 seconds!

Jobandjalent has revolutionised the jobs market, just like Monese has disrupted traditional banking. It’s never been easier for you to secure reliable work and get paid quickly so start earning and managing money with Jobandtalent and Monese today!


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