Is it time to jump ship?

The feeling of being stuck in your boring desk job can be all-consuming, and it’s hard to feel like there is a way out. It swamps you and can push you to the point of no return, where you make snap decisions to leave and never return! But you don’t have to wait until you really hate your job before you decide to make the jump into becoming a digital nomad, making money whilst you travel and see the world.

Knowing when it’s the right time to make the transition into freelancing can be tricky so we’ve laid out all the signs you should be looking for. If you are experiencing any of these now might be the right time to go it alone!

Your mind is not on your job

No matter what your dream is, if you are using more and more of your time to think about it, rather than concentrating on your day job, there’s probably a good reason why. Is it your passion or just something that sounds cool? Think about previous ‘passion projects’ you’ve had – did any of them capture you as much as your current dream? Can you figure out a way of making your dream earn you money (well, enough for you to survive comfortably)? If you can then now might really be the time to step away from your permanent desk!

You’re working all the time…

But not on your day job! Do you find yourself spending time working on other personal projects, or day-dreaming about making your side hustle your main hustle? You might have even found yourself thinking about your next move when you really should be ‘on the clock’ at work. Don’t think that this is necessarily a bad sign – all it really means is that you are passionate enough to make your nomadic work happen. When it comes to being freelance and nomadic, passion for what you do is going to keep you motivated!

You’re getting miserable…

Irritable, annoyed and just feel ‘deflated’ when you think about work. The small things are starting to wear you down and you can’t seem to shake the feeling. When this happens, work can become the worst thing in your life and it’s a good idea to recognise that you don’t have to just accept it. Start getting practical about moving on – figure out how you can get your freelancing gig setup and construct a solid plan about leaving your day job, without rage quitting!

You don’t have money on your mind

Yep, you’ve stopped caring about money. Well, more specifically, you’ve stopped caring about the money you get from your day job. One of the very last things that tie people to their day jobs is the money. You have bills to pay and the worry of what would happen if you just quit your job hangs over you. But you also need to make sure that you stay mentally healthy – hating your job is definitely the way to do this! Before you make the move to become a digital nomad, make sure you have the money to at least cover your food, rent and bills – ideally through getting new work or through your savings before you leave your job.


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