These are the cheapest places to live in Europe

Wondering where in Europe should be your next move? Then this is the right article for you! We’re all familiar with some of Europe’s best-known cities but some of them can be extremely expensive to live in (hello London!) So where do you go when you want to have a banging quality of life, but not spend all your money on rent?

Here’s the low-down on the best and most affordable cities in Europe:

  1. Athens, Greece


Athens is a great place to live if you enjoy great food, access to incredible history on your doorstep and cheap living costs. It’s also a great base if you want to travel to different Greek islands during the peak summer periods!

  1. Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn has been making waves in the digital nomad community for some time now. It’s known for having great wifi across the city and being great on low living costs. Another plus is that the average wage here is on the rise, making living here even better! 

Photo credit: Tim Benedict Pou

  1. Thessaloniki, Greece


Another Greek city on this list – Thessaloniki is the third most affordable city to live in according to Glassdoor. The second largest city in Greece (behind Athens), it’s by the sea and has great transport links.

Photo credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

  1. Porto, Portugal


Porto is an incredibly vibrant city in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal has shone a light as the place to be for nomadic workers, but Porto is cheaper and also worth a look. The people are friendly, the rents are cheap, it’s got an amazing beach (and is great for surfing) and there are loads of cool places to work from.

  1. Tartu, Estonia


Glassdoor has named Tartu in Estonia the most affordable city in Europe! Home to Estonia’s oldest university and as such has a young and ‘happening’ vibe. It’s more affordable than the capital Tallinn, so it’s well worth thinking about living here instead!

Photo credit: cremona daniel

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