How to save yourself some serious cash this Christmas…

With Christmas right around the corner (just under 5 weeks to go!), you’re probably heading out to the shops with present buying on your mind. Now here’s the thing – can you remember the last time you received a gift that you really wanted? Without trying to sound ungrateful, after all, it’s always nice to have someone buy you a gift, but would their money have been better spent on something you actually wanted rather than a generic gift set? If you agree then you should really be thinking about what you buy for others this holiday season. According to insurer Aviva, one in four of us have re-gifted or even sold (omg!) unwanted presents; and WatchShop has found that 40% of us have returned or exchanged unliked gifts.

Here’s how you can really save yourself some money this year by getting people what they actually want, rather than spending money on unwanted gifts.

Just ask

Really obvious and somewhat lacking in imagination, not forgetting that it’ll spoil any surprise! But asking outright what someone wants really is a good idea, especially if you have no clue what to get them! Maybe you can ask what they want but you choose the variety (eg colour, type or size) and get them the matching accessories (if possible?).

Give cash…

By the way of gift cards! It really is a good way to get people something that they really want, as they get to choose it themselves. All you have to do is make sure it’s for a store that they actually like. There are many gift cards that allow you to shop in a wide range of high street stores, so it’s great if you know any keen shoppers!

Get a backup

By the way of a gift receipt. Giving a gift receipt allows the person receiving the gift to swap it for something they’d prefer. It’s a great way for you to buy something that you think they might like, without the stress of thinking you’ve wasted money if they don’t!

Just don’t buy it

Seriously, do you really need to buy something for that distant relative who you only see at weddings or funerals? Probably not, so don’t! Save your money and send a Christmas card with a nice note instead. They’ll probably be pleased to not be in that super awkward position of receiving a gift but not giving one in return.

The gift that keeps on giving

Share your Monese invite code and when someone uses it and deposits money into their account you both get £5 straight into your account! There is no limit to the amount of times you can share your invite code, or how many different people can sign up using your invite code, so the more you share the more you can make!


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