Don’t make these digital nomad mistakes!

Some things in life things are best learnt through experience, and being a digital nomad is one of them. It’s hard for anyone to teach you exactly what to do, or what to see as travelling and working at the same time is a very individual thing, no two people will have the same experience. But don’t write off looking for good advice before you jet off – you might not get the exact how-to’s but you can get the do not’s!

Save yourself some time (and wads of cash) by reading our tips on what not to do when you become a digital nomad!

Get caught up in the hype

Life is more than a few amazing blogs, Instagram pics and exciting Snapchat’s! Don’t get yourself caught up in someone else’s fantasy life. Yes, it’s a good idea to see what’s possible when you are a digital nomad but remember that the realities of life on the go is different to what people show you in their social media pages. You will experience challenges like:

  • Missing Friends and Family. There will be times when you miss having your friends and family around and you might experience some loneliness too. It’s not easy to be constantly reminded by your friend’s social pages of all the big occasions that you are missing!
  • Needing to ‘rest’. Yes, you are travelling and seeing amazing things, but you are also working! You’ll probably work harder now than you have ever done before; what with all the organising accommodation and travel, managing your clients and still trying to see the sights!

Make sure that you have a true understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to make those Instagram shots look epic!

Leaving without securing any contracts

Now this one is important, but often gets waylaid by the desire to leave a.s.a.p. Make sure that you have yourself set up and running with new clients before you leave! You will need to have a decent client list that you can rely on to pay you when you are travelling. To do this you should get started freelancing now, don’t wait until you are on the road! Don’t underestimate how long it takes and how much effort you will have to put in to get new clients, which is made even harder when you are remote. Also think about how busy you will be in general before you actually leave. You have to sort out all your home life too – like saying goodbye to family, sorting out leaving your home as well as getting and visa’s and packing your life up!

Not thinking about your finances…

Beyond worrying about not having enough money! When you are away you need access to a reliable account that won’t cost you the earth in fees every time you want to access your money. Many traditional bank accounts charge you expensive fees when you use your card abroad, and the exchange rates often come with added charges! This is where Monese can help. With a Monese card you don’t get any hidden fees or charges. Monese gives you access to one of the cheapest transfer rates on the market, just 0.5% on top of the mid-market rate. With a Monese account you can use your contactless card anywhere that accepts Visa and make cash withdrawals from ATM’s globally. The great thing about Monese is that you have your very own UK current account, meaning you get your own sort code and account number which you can give to your employers or clients to get paid directly into your account! It can take less than 120 seconds to get your account set up – all you need is your passport or national i.d card and an EU address. Sign up to get your Monese account here!

Photo credit: szwerink


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