How to set your productivity on fire and make more cash!

The key to being a successful freelancer is knowing how to manage your time effectively. By being as productive as possible you are maximising your profitability, which is the overall aim of freelancing in the first place!

Here are some ways that you can get productive and make more money next year:

Get organised

Sounds simple right? Just make sure you are organised and you’ll be fine – but in reality ‘getting organised’ is more difficult than it sounds. As a freelancer one of the biggest issues you’ll come across is managing your own time; you won’t be tied to office hours and culture, so setting working boundaries is something you will have to do of your own accord.

Start by framing your day – give yourself a set number of hours that you work each day. So you might choose to work around the office hours of your clients, or if you are in a different time-zone, maybe having breaks in the day or starting work earlier or later will work better for you.

By creating a work schedule you are creating a great structure that allows you to get into ‘work mode’ and will keep you on track and focussed on the tasks at hand. Another thing having a schedule does is make sure you get some time to ‘switch off’. When you freelance it’s all too easy to find yourself working all the time, and more often than not the days have passed and you have had no time off. You need to know when to clock off and take some time to relax.

Stay connected

When you are freelancing it’s easy to take yourself off-grid and not really stay up to date with your connections, but above all else, make sure you keep on top of your emails and phone calls! You cannot afford to get behind on your work communication as it really is your livelihood at stake. Make sure you go through your emails everyday – maybe get into the habit of going through them as part of your to-do list every morning? This way you’ll ensure that nothing gets missed.

Stay on top of your money!

You probably entered the freelance game to have the flexibility to take on more clients and make extra money, so you really need to step up and make sure that you get what you are owed! Check your payment terms, don’t mess up your invoicing dates and also get yourself a good accountant (unless you are happy to do your own accounting). Make sure you stay on top of your expenses too!  

It’s a good idea to grab yourself a Monese account. You get the benefit of being able to manage your finances from wherever you are in the world. There are also a whole host of other benefits like cheap transfer rates, no hidden fees and being able to accept payments directly into your Monese account. Find out more here!


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