How to travel stress-free next year…

Are you planning to take some time away from the office next year, or maybe finally making the jump into the digital nomad life? Well, no matter if you are travelling for business or pleasure it can be a stressful experience. Here are some top tips on how you can travel comfortably and have a stress free trip!

Give yourself time

By this I mean make sure that you never travel on the ‘day of’. If you are travelling for business and have meeting to attend, people to see or work to hand in, don’t travel the same day you are supposed to deliver! There is nothing more stressful than missing deadlines or running late – it’s really unprofessional and people can be quite unforgiving if you waste their time! Always make sure you book flights for at least the day before so that you give yourself time to factor in any unforeseen circumstances. There may well be delays to your flight or even cancellations that you cannot control – if you book to travel early then you give yourself time to react and organise alternative travel plans.

Pack smart

Make sure that you are packing correctly. Have you ever arrived at an airport and your checked in bag has not been there to meet you? You also have no idea how long it will take to reach you either. Well I have, and I can tell you it’s not the most relaxing start to a journey I’ve ever had! But one thing that I am forever grateful for is that I packed smart. I made sure that in my hand luggage I had a spare change of clothes (literally a light outfit that can be thrown in a small bag), my valuables and documents, medicines, toiletries (including a toothbrush!), a portable charger, some money and of course my i.d. Because of this I was able to move on to the hotel knowing that I had provisions to last me at least a few days and most importantly, that I could carry on with my work without much stress.

Always go direct (where possible)

It might be cheaper to grab a flight that has layovers or connections but you are adding more chances for things to go wrong! The amount of stories I’ve read where people have missed their connections because of delays is unreal! Reduce the risk of stress by going direct, it’s worth the extra money!

Use your time!

When you are flying make sure you use the time in the air wisely. Whether that is getting some work done, going through your schedule or sorting your finances, just do something. Even if you use the time to catch up on your sleep, that’s more beneficial than just sitting there watching the time pass by.  


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