Add these habits to your New Year resolutions to have a super successful year!

According to the genius Albert Einstein ‘Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.’ We are all pushing to achieve our dreams and be successful in all our goals, but sometimes we forget that all it takes is a little bit more effort and continued learning to get our skills up and give us an edge over our competition!

The good news is that you don’t have to think about picking up any large textbooks or sitting any exams to make a difference. The easiest way to make yourself smarter is to form some new habits! Here are some that you should definitely include in your new year resolutions:

Find your motivation

Simple enough – find out what matters the most to you in your life and career. Find things that make you happy, keeps you interested and something that you want to engage with. Having something that you can spend some time on that stretches your mind and stimulates your brain is going to keep you sharp.


Make sure you get yourself exercising your body, alongside your mind every day. Go for a brisk walk, get a bike to do the daily commute, take up swimming and make sure you have a wide and varied diet. Feed your body what it needs and you’ll get better all round for it.

Read something different

Try to explore reading different types of books that you wouldn’t usually be drawn too. The same goes for newspapers or reading articles online. By reading new things you’ll be picking up information that you might have missed and you might find something that grabs you in an area that you haven’t experienced before.

Start an online tutorial

This is something that can be done quite easily, but can have a big pay off for your future. Try switching off the T.V for one hour and watching a tutorial in that time. There are literally thousands of tutorial online, some are paid but many free like Future Learn, Open Learn and the Khan Academy. Also see if your company offers access to free courses like too, as many of these come with accreditation once you have completed the course.

Teach someone else

A great way to stay sharp is to try teaching someone else. It’s also a good way to earn some cash too! Through sharing your skills you get to reinforce your understanding and you also get to see areas where you need to improve.

By starting some of these new habits you’ll give yourself a great chance of getting smarter, improve your skills and possibly make a leap in your career to bigger and better things!

Photo credit: A Health Blog


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