How to negotiate like a boss

Why do some of us find negotiation so hard, whilst others just breeze through as if it’s the easiest thing in the world? It can usually come down to some level of fear. The fear of being rejected, judged or of confrontation. But the thing about those fears is that they are normally unfounded. A study was undertaken to assess the link between self-awareness and being assertive. The researcher found that people who thought they were being too assertive, were actually not seen that way by their peers. When it comes to those who were coming across a being very assertive, they thought that were not being assertive enough! So it really is a matter of not judging yourself too harshly, and making sure you go for what you want!

Here are some tips on how you can win negotiations:

Be prepared

The very best thing you can do when you are negotiating for anything is to have some research. Show up fully prepared to back up why you deserve a pay rise or a discount on the new car, or why you need a bigger bonus etc. Find examples of similar jobs/situations that prove that you are not asking over the odds. Get on Glassdoor or job sites to find out similar salaries or job benefits, and if you are buying something then try to find the same or similar item and a cheaper price or with added warranties. Presenting evidence during your negotiations is going to make things more likely to go your way.


Before you go for the big deal, practice negotiating on smaller and not so important items. Go to boot sales, haggle in stores or try to get money off your utility bills over the phone. All it takes is a simple question along the lines of – ‘what’s the lowest you can go?’ or ‘do you have any offers on at the moment?’. The more practice you get, the easier it is to haggle for the big things like pay rises!


When you are negotiating remember to take a moment to listen. Don’t be put off by any awkward silences – use them to take a breather and think about your next move. Remember that you can use pauses too, just be direct with what you want, then sit back and wait for a response. If you are finding it difficult, just tell the other party that you need a moment to think.

Know exactly what to say

Having a script can help you to feel a lot more confident in your negotiations. Obviously, this isn’t going to work that well in face-to-face meetings, but when you need to haggle a price over the phone a script can make all the difference. Now you don’t want it to sound like you are reading from a script but having some key phrases to kick off talks is always good. You should always bring up that you are a long standing/loyal customer, that you’ve paid everything on time and that you’d like to stay, however, you’d be forced to leave if a new deal can’t be agreed. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save this by sticking to the script!


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