Want to be a better entrepreneur? Go nomad!

When you are running your own show you need to make sure that you stay on your a-game. Your skills need to be sharp and varied, but it’s easy to fall into the same working habits which make you get a little stale minded. To combat this, try spending some time as a digital nomad. Working from different places can have a profound effect on your business, and you’ll learn tonnes whilst you are on the road too.

Here are some beneficial things that you get from being a digital nomad:

You learn the art of organisation

When you are anywhere but local you have to make sure you stay on your best when it comes to organisation. You cannot afford to make mistakes and miss deadlines or important calls/emails from clients – both new and old. Travelling forces you to take organisation seriously as you have to take account of a host of different things that you didn’t consider before, like working across different time-zones, managing your locations (think internet connection, access to power, good facilities etc). By managing so much more than you did before, you are setting yourself up to really fly by the time you return!

Procrastination goes out the window

Now be honest, how long do you spend on social media or other sites every day, when you should be doing something else? The great thing about travelling is that more often than not you miss those distracting notifications as they are more active in different hours to when you are up. Set yourself a break and use that to catch up with all the notifications and to post your amazing Instagram-worthy travel pics!

You learn to say ‘no’

Most entrepreneurs diaries are jam-packed with meetings, networking events and various other appointments that they have agreed to go to. Some of these meetings are definitely worth going to but there will be many more that are a waste of time and just serve to make you tired! When you are travelling you have the luxury of being forced to say ‘no’. You cannot physically meet people and there will be times where calls are not possible without going to some great lengths on your part – so if it’s not worth it you’ll turn it down. Learning to say ‘no’ is a great skill that enables you to not overstretch yourself, and you should definitely practice the it when you get home!

You learn to let go

It’s so easy to get caught up in minor things when you are at home, but when you are away your priorities shift and your perspective on what need’s to be worried about changes. You are working to your own patterns and leaving any office dramas and politics behind! Make sure you don’t get too laid back – keep a to-do list and stay on top of important messages.  


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