The best business lessons you should learn by 30

Starting a business is one of the most challenging and intimidating things anyone can do, and it’s not any easier if you are young with not much experience to boot. But don’t let that put you off, after all, some lessons can only be learnt through experience!

Here are some lessons that you should try to learn early on so you can bank the new skills and move onwards and upwards!

Find the right people!

This one is up first because it’s super important. Trying to build a successful business is hard, but it’s even more difficult if you try to either 1. do it alone or 2. hire the wrong people. You need to recognise early on that good people will make all the difference in your business, elevating it to new heights and pushing for success just as much as you.

Communication is key

No matter the issue that you are facing, often it only takes some good communication for things to get worked out. Don’t shoulder everything yourself and bury your head in the sand over problems. You need to speak openly and clearly so that the issue can be resolved, as smoothly as possible.

Failure is ok

It might not feel like it at the time, but failing is probably the best way to learn. As long as you can recognise your failures, where it went wrong and, most importantly, how you can do things differently in the future (and go and do it!), you’ll eventually win. Don’t let any failures stop you in your tracks, you have to persevere and implement any new lessons you have learnt. It will make your company stronger in the long run.

Don’t chase perfection…

At the cost of getting things done. You could waste so much time chasing perfection that you end up not getting anywhere overall. It’s far better to get something up and running and gradually test and re-work it, than it is to have nothing actually out there.

Always keep learning

No matter what you think you know, or how well you are doing you should make it a priority to keep learning. You have many skills that need constant development – managerial, finance, negotiation, public speaking – the list is endless! Don’t let yourself off just because you start to see some success. Make sure you are always looking for ways to improve yourself, your staff and your company.


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