How to use your time off productively

We are now in that weird period that comes just after the Christmas and before the New Year, where nobody really knows what day it is, or what you’ve got going on for a while and you sort of lose sight of reality, for just a little while! For some of us this is a welcome break, but for others, it can make getting back into the swing of things much more difficult.

Here’s how you can use this time to make sure all your affairs are in order and make some professionally beneficial decisions and actions before it all kicks off again next year.

Start a new habit

While you are at home with not much to do, try your hand and picking up a new skill or starting that exercise plan you’ve been meaning to do. Use a few hours in the long days to watch that tutorial video or read up on something that interests you, and make notes!

Reach ‘inbox zero’

If you don’t fancy moving from your sofa, you can grab your laptop and work your way through your emails, without having to move! Get rid of any really old emails, make sure important ones are saved in a separate and easy to identify folder (not inbox) and set yourself a reminder to follow-up anything that needs an answer. It’s pretty easy stuff that doesn’t need much brain power, so great to do whilst you’re lounging around.

Make a plan

Do you know what you want to achieve in your career next year? Now’s the time to set your goal and make a plan for how you are going to achieve it. Set out your overall goal – then in small steps break down exactly what you need to do to along the way. It’s going to give you an overarching focus and make sure that you don’t lose sight of your mission. By working towards small steps rather than the main ‘big’ goal, you are ensuring that you are always progressing and making small wins, and are much more likely to stick at it!

Sort your money!

Take a moment to get your money sorted. Grab yourself a Monese account in as little as 120 seconds, and you’ll never have to worry about losing track of your spending again! With Monese you can get your own UK current account, just using your Passport or National I.D card and any EU address. Once you are signed up you will get your own contactless Visa card, have access to low transfer rates (we are up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks!) and unlike pre-paid cards, with Monese your employers can pay you directly into your account. Find out how you can get your Monese account here.

Relax – fully!

Turn off your phone, step away from your computer and take a break from all your devices! Really wind down by giving yourself some screen-free time. You’ll ensure that you are properly rested and when you go back to work you’ll be ready for it, and not wish that you had a few more days holiday!


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