Get connected – Follow these Facebook groups and pages now!

Do you know where to go to get some good, honest advice or read up on some useful tips and tricks that only other entrepreneurs know? No? Well don’t worry, we’ve put together the best Facebook groups and pages that you need to follow. Facebook groups are a great resource for entrepreneurs, you get to connect with other successful business leaders and get really sound help or motivation just when you need it the most.

Jump on these groups or pages now!

The Creative’s Corner

This is a great group for creative entrepreneurs out there. When you sign up you join over 1000 other creative entrepreneurs who all share great tips, advice and motivation on the channel. There is a big sense of community with other members regularly dishing out help and support when needed. There is a weekly schedule that divides the week up into different ‘focuses’ – for instance, Monday’s are ‘Motivational Monday’ – where you can declare and define your weekly goal and keep track of your progress.

Freedom Hackers Mastermind

This is one of the more popular groups out there – it has nearly 40,000 members! Founder Kimra Luna describes the group as a place where ‘like-minded entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other’s win in business.’ It’s a great place to share your story and get advice and strategy tips when you hit a wall.


One of the best resources for entrepreneur news, interviews and media, Entrepreneur’s Facebook page is well worth a follow. You’ll get to see their features and trending content in your timeline meaning you won’t risk missing anything that could really help motivate or inspire your next business move.

Fast Company

Similar to Entrepreneur, this page is dedicated to the world of business. The difference with Fast Company is that it is focussed on how business can and is changing the world. The articles include interviews with successful people, overviews of companies that had a major impact, as well as the expected ‘how to’s’ and useful guides on everything from productivity, to how to grow your audience and everything in-between.

Young Entrepreneur

This page is filled with advice, useful videos and articles for the younger entrepreneur. With lot’s of sensible advice sharing it’s perfect for anyone who is new to the business world, but are trying to make it big!


Make sure you are following our Facebook page too! You’ll get great advice about managing your money, making more money, how to travel cheaply and much more! We also run cool competitions so it’s worth keeping an eye on the page!


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