How to work when you really don’t want to

For many, going back to work after the Christmas holidays is no easy task. Just as you’ve got used to relaxing, not having anywhere to be and not worrying about missing any deadlines, it all comes to an abrupt stop and you need to head back to the office.

So how do you get yourself into the working spirit again? Read our top tips below – they’re sure to help!

Get organised

A couple of days before you are due back to work get yourself organised. Prepare all your ‘work things’ and get your outfit sorted. It’s likely that you have fallen out of your normal routine so getting prepared is going to help get you readjusted back to ‘work mode’. Make sure you have also given yourself a small task list of things you want to tackle when you are back at work. Having a focus on your first day back will lessen the pain of being in work – just go in and get your head down, and you’ll soon find your day is done!

Treat yourself

Yep, it might just have been Christmas and you’re probably feeling a little overindulged, but going back to work can be a chore, so go easy on yourself. Maybe treat yourself to a nice lunch or grab a treat on the way home. It will give you something to look forward to whilst you are at work and make your day a little bit nicer.

Remember why you work

And it’s not just to pay the bills! What are you trying to achieve from your life? What do you want from your career? Hold on to that focus and make sure you keep it in mind. Get yourself pumped for work and go in full throttle. Start back how you mean to go on and grab your goals!

Make travel easier

Seriously, are you dreading the commute to the office more than actually returning to work? Make your commute simpler by using your Monese card to travel. All Monese cards are contactless as standard and can be used anywhere that accepts contactless payments, including the Transport for London network. So grab your card, tap for a coffee and a croissant and get to work with ease.


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