Off travelling in 2017? You don’t want to leave these behind!

Was one of your new year resolutions to see more of the world? If it was, you’ll want to know what to pack when you are jetting off so that you can have the best trip ever!

Here’s our guide on what to pack for your travels in 2017:

Mobile broadband

This one is essential for all the digital nomads out there. Forget having to put up with dodgy hotel wifi, or trying to connect to that rather sketchy connection in that small beach-side bar ever again. Get yourself an unlocked 4G capable mobile router that you can use whenever and wherever you are.

Action camera

For anyone who wants to film their more adventurous pursuits, action cams are a must pack. There is a whole host of cameras available, each with a different set of features (some are even voice enabled!), but don’t think you need to shell out mega £’s to get in on the action. There are some fab entry level cameras out there that let you capture all your moments!

Smart locks

Smart suitcases have been around for a while, but they can be really expensive (we’re talking in the hundreds here), so investing in a smart padlock is a great alternative. Smart locks work by allowing you to unlock your case via your phone. Don’t worry about your phone battery dying either – they come with a built-in combination so you can still unlock your case manually if needed. Finally, you can forget about losing those tiny little keys!

Clever banking

You don’t want to go travelling without making sure your money is secure, and your bank is not going to charge you extortionate rates to access your own funds. Make sure you get yourself a Monese account! With Monese you can get your own UK current account in less than 120 seconds, just using the app, your Passport or National I.D card and a EU address. Once you are signed up you will get your own contactless Visa card, have access to low transfer rates (we are up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks!) and unlike pre-paid cards, with Monese your employers can pay you directly into your account – even when you are on the road! Find out how you can get your Monese account here.


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