Want to know the best places to live and work in Europe this year?


Forget spending hours trying to find the perfect location to set up your life for a while – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Here are the top European destinations for work (and play!) this year:


Prague has long been known as a great place to visit. It has a long, rich history and a vibrant culture (as well as great beer!), but it’s also a great place to stay for longer too. It gets very cold in the Winter, but it’s also quieter which makes working from great spaces a little easier. Whilst the living costs are not as cheap as some places in Europe, you’ll find it’s still more affordable than some of the larger, more international cities like London or Paris. Prague is great if you want fast (and relatively cheap) internet and it’s really well connected to the rest of Europe either by train or via discount airlines – so it makes a good base!


It’s got a bit of a reputation for it’s laid back nature, which for some, makes Amsterdam a great place to live and work. Despite being a relatively big capital city, it has the vibe of somewhere much smaller and a brilliant sense of community about it. Finding cheap rents is not easy, but like Prague, they are comparatively low. It’s a very diverse city, attracting people from all walks of life, and this reflects on its culture. People are friendly and there is already a great network of other digital nomads that you can plug into and make some new friends. Transport in the city is good, with a wide tram network and of course the massively popular cycles, and it’s not too expensive either; so getting out and about shouldn’t be an issue. If you are looking for a place with vibrancy and where you’ll meet a huge amount of new people, Amsterdam is the city for you!


This Portuguese city is fast becoming the place to be for all digital nomads and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got great weather, fabulous food and affordable rents too. Staying connected is not a problem, nor is finding somewhere with good coffee to work from – the city has a growing digital nomad culture, as such the working facilities are popping up all over the place, with new, comfortable places to work becoming incredibly easy to find.  Whilst the nightlife is not as jumping as some other places, there is still a load of places where you can go to let your hair down, grab a drink and something fab to eat, so you won’t get bored too easily!

Don’t forget that you can be in any of these cities and get your Monese account up and running, with no hassle! All you need is our app, your passport or national i.d and a European address and you’re ready to go! For more information check out our website, and sign up now!


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