Calling all students! This is how you can make some money around your studies!

Anyone who has been to or is currently at university can probably identify with three things – 1. You’re always busy, 2. It’s great fun, and 3. It’s expensive!

Studying for your degree is not easy, you are juggling so many different commitments alongside your studies like getting used to living on your own, making new friends and just trying to not miss your deadlines! One extra pain point can come when you need more money. Let’s face it, there are times when all of us can do with a cash boost, but what can you do to make a little extra on the side?

These are the best ways to make some extra cash alongside your studies:

Online tutoring

Not only does teaching online get you some extra cash, it can also be used as good work experience and get you some much-needed references for your future employment. Think about what you can teach – it doesn’t need to be in your degree subject directly, think about exam tutoring, teaching a language or even a hobby that you excel at. By teaching online you can set your hours to fall outside of your working day, and you open yourself up to teach people who are not in your local vicinity – so you have more income potential. If you want less daily input, consider creating an ebook or a video tutorial that you can produce once and sell online – these can be a great passive income source!


If you have some writing skills consider getting some freelance writing work. Companies are always on the lookout for freelance writers and if you can deliver good quality, researched articles you could make a lot of money! Try getting in contact directly with local news outlets and blogs that you like to see if they are looking for extra writers. Also get yourself on sites like people per hour and look for commissioned articles.

Use social media

Do you have a large social media presence? Depending on your followers, you can potentially make quite a lot of money if you partner with brands to advertise their products on your pages. You don’t necessarily need hundreds of thousands of followers either, in some cases 5000 engaged users is more beneficial than 50000 non-interested users. Find a good agency or contact the brands to find out if/how they partner with bloggers and get in on the action! Even if you don’t make loads of dosh from it, you could score some really cool free stuff!

Use your Monese account!

Did you know that Monese has a referral scheme that lets you earn £5 every time someone uses your personal reference code to sign up and makes their first deposit? All you need to do is share your personal reference code! There is no limit to a number of times you can share your code or how many times it can be used. So the more people who use it to sign up and make their first deposit, the more money you can get! Find out more about it here, and get sharing!


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