Planning your summer holiday? Here’s where you’ll get the best value for money…

Have you been using these dark and cold winter evenings to plan your much-needed summer holiday? You probably can’t wait to escape the dreary, damp winter and who can blame you! But before you sign up to that sun, sea and sangria holiday, have a read of our guide on where to go to get the most from your money. Holidays are one of those rare occasions where you can actually get more for less if you know what you are doing!

These are the 5 cheapest places in Europe to holiday this year:

Algarve, Portugal (£33.36 per day)

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (£33.53 per day)

Costa del Sol, Spain (£38.79 per day)

Marmaris, Turkey (£49.74 per day)

Prague, Czech Republic (£51.17 per day)

So now you know where to go on holiday, how do you not over stretch yourself getting there?

Plan what you’ll spend

It sounds incredibly simple, but knowing what you have to spend every day of your holiday is the best way of not overspending. Instead of taking away a large amount of cash with you, try to figure out a daily spend limit. So how do you know how much you’ll spend in advance?

The Post Office have calculated that you will get the most for your money this year in Portugal or Bulgaria. According to them, it will cost you around £33 a day on holiday essentials (based on a three-course meal with wine, a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, sunscreen, insect repellent and a can of coke). Of course, this doesn’t factor in all the other extras but it does give you a good starting point. Set yourself a maximum daily budget, and try not to max it out!

Don’t splurge before you go

Another thing to be aware of is the urge to overspend before you have even left! We all will do a spot of ‘holiday shopping’ before we go away, it’s nice to have some new outfits in your suitcase, but don’t over do it. Do you really need 5 different swimsuits or 3 outfit changes per day? Think about what you are buying – can it be used again at home or saved for your next holiday?

Get your money organised…

By getting a Monese account. Spending money abroad can be expensive. Traditional banks can charge you expensive fees for using your card abroad, taking money out of atm’s and when you transfer money. With a Monese account you get access to you money, globally, without being charged an extortionate fee. You can spend on your contactless Visa card and withdraw your cash without the worry of paying excess charges; overall we are up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks!


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