Don’t blow your chance of landing a new job…

The process of getting a new job can be stressful and long. You’ve taken the time to trawl through job boards and speak to your network to see who’s hiring. Then you come to the application itself. Brushing up your c.v is a task that most of us would rather not do, but you have, and the application is sent. So what now – it’s time for an interview and you’re nearly there. This is the final step between you and your dream job, so how do you make sure you don’t blow it?

Don’t hold back

When you are at an interview it can be easy to focus completely on the job, your skills and past career experiences, but don’t forget to show a little of your own personality. Try to not sound so robotic and like you are reading from a script, relax a little but be sure to remain professional (no oversharing). The aim is to make an honest human connection with the interviewer, and not be utterly forgettable. Remember that they are looking for the right person for the job, including someone who will fit with their organisation, so you’ve got nothing to lose by being yourself!

Do your homework

Pretty much all interviews will ask you what you already know about the company, and they are looking for more than the generic answer taken from the website. They want to know how much effort you have taken to understand the company, their mission, the structure and the landscape they operate in. Research their competitors and find out about any recent news that may have happened to the company. A great place to start is on Google News.

Don’t be desperate!

It’s difficult to hide your excitement for a new job, but try to channel your desire into confidence instead. Don’t start by blurting out everything you want them to know about you, instead take it easy. Answer clearly and calmly, without flustering as this will help to get across why you are right for the role but not come across as madly desperate! Also don’t be a ‘yes person’. By agreeing to everything or saying that you can do everything it comes across as being a bit false, and the interviewer probably won’t trust what you are saying.

Don’t be late!

Simple task, but sometimes life gets in the way! Cut out the stress of arriving on time by using your Monese card. It’s contactless so you don’t have to faff around carrying loads of different travel cards, just touch your Monese card on the contactless reader and you’re good to go! Make sure you leave plenty of time, we can’t guarantee the trains won’t be delayed!


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