The best things you can do to make the most of your free time

The funny thing about having some time on your hands is that we rarely use it wisely, and we’ve all probably thought about what we wish we had done instead of just mooching! When it comes to passing time when you are on the computer there are definitely some more productive, frugal and entertaining things you can do, rather than getting trapped in a YouTube binge!

Why not try:


How about using some of your computer time to learn something new, or brush up on your existing skills to get them to a more advanced level? There are loads of places online that teach free courses (like the Khan Academy or Open Learn) and some of them are even accredited so you can add them to your c.v! If a structured course is not really your thing, try reading an ebook – they can also be a great resource for upskilling or providing a different view on things. 

Get networking

Take some of your downtime to do some networking. Get your Linkedin profile up to speed with all your current abilities and achievements at work. Also, reach out to your co-workers and leave some reviews – it’s likely they’ll reciprocate. Through taking the steps to build a solid professional network you’ll make it easier to find and land a new job, and you’ll be making a great professional presence online (which can be invaluable!).   

Get organised

Now’s the time to get to inbox zero! Make sure you respond to the emails that need attention and chase up any calls that you may have been too busy to answer at the time. Finally get round to creating a good folder structure for all your files on your computer. Make sure you have a place to store all your files in a way that makes it easy to find them again!

Get financial savvy!

By getting a Monese account. Traditional banks can charge you expensive fees for using your card abroad, taking money out of atm’s and when you transfer money. With a Monese account, you get access to your money, globally, without being charged an extortionate fee. You can spend on your contactless Visa card and withdraw your cash without the worry of paying excess charges; overall we are up to 8x cheaper than traditional banks!



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