Lost your drive? Here’s how to kick back into gear

January is nearly over (after what felt like ages, right?) and if everything has gone to plan, you’re close to making it a whole month into your New Year resolution (congrats). But what if your motivation is starting to slip? Everyone gets bored or tired of the same old routine, even when you are trying something new after awhile it gets a little tedious and your motivation can take a serious nosedive. But the good news is that you don’t have to resign yourself to giving up. There are things you can do to get right back on it.

Here’s how you can get motivated again:

Look at your past

A great way to stay on track is to remember why you are trying to change in the first place. No matter if it’s forming a new habit or working towards a bigger change in your life, you are trying to make things better, so create ways for you to be reminded of this daily. Work into your calendar reminders that pop up to give you a little boost during the day, around times you’ll need it most. Try setting up visual reminders of what you are trying to achieve – like a picture of the fabulous beach you want to visit, or the outfit you want to fit into and stick them up around your home.

Make a plan

Including a daily schedule. It takes around 66 days to form a new habit, which is not a short time and you will definitely be challenged and tested along the road. Having a set schedule is going to make it easier for you to achieve small, daily goals (like simply getting to the gym on time or committing 1 hour a day to learn something new). Give yourself a time to get things done, then stick to it!

But be flexible

You need to avoid making your new schedule something that limits you as you’ll quickly fall back into bad habits and feeling demotivated. Once you have got into the swing of things, vary it up a little. Try changing the times you do things or work from a new location with a different kind of vibe than usual. It will help to not let your days get stale and boring and should help you to feel more motivated to keep pushing for your goals.

Don’t stop dreaming

Seriously, having a big dream is a great way to keep yourself focused. Know what you want to achieve and think about it often. Don’t get put off by all the little things that seem to get in the way, just keep going! Something that can help is to read the success stories of other people who have worked hard and achieved their dreams. They share their stories, the ups and the downs that all happened on their journey to success. Hearing positive stories from others who understand your struggles and your desire to succeed can help give you that nudge to keep moving forward.


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