How to secure a higher salary in two simple steps

When it comes to working we all have our own goals; and they mostly follow the same narrative – to have meaning, to have opportunities for personal growth and to be highly remunerated for the work we do. So it comes at no surprise that the average length to stay in a job is 4.6 years, as people tend to move around to jump up a pay grade. In some industries, people have been known to move every 18 months – 2 years!

But what can you do to prove to anyone (your existing boss or a new, potential employer) that you deserve a higher salary? Here are two things that everyone should be doing if they want to get more money:

Sell, sell, sell…

Everything that you have already done needs to be crystal clear to your employer. Make sure you have actual evidence of what you have achieved in your job. Gather details about how you have proved your worth to the company, and how this has improved since you first joined. Not sure on what to add? Ask yourself:

  • Have you developed new skills? How did you do this? Remember to mention any training courses you have done either inside or outside of work, and if they have led to any new qualifications.
  • Have you demonstrated that you know the company well? How does this help make more money for the business?
  • Are you managing a team? What is their feedback on you?
  • What quantitative results have you achieved? What is their worth?

Outline your future

Companies like to hear ways that you have improved their bottom line, but they really love to hear your ideas on what to do in the future. They want to know that you are not only interested in just delivering your work, but that you want to innovate and push for a better company overall. You need to clearly communicate your ideas for the future and prove that you are more valuable because of these ideas.

Think about ways you can improve in the coming years, for example:

  • Can you implement a new, more streamlined structure that means work can be delivered more seamlessly?
  • Undertake more courses that involve in-depth training so that you can take on more responsibilities at work.
  • Identify any pinch points or in-house issue that could be run differently, and explain how they may be smoothed out.
  • What about showing an interest in leading a new project?

By taking these two steps you can not only say that you are a good worker but actually prove your increased value to the company. It shows your employer that you are on the ball when it comes to your career and that you want to use your skills to advance their business. Remember that with Monese you can easily get paid by any employer, directly into your Monese account. All you have to do is provide them with your UK Sort Code and Account Number (that you get as soon as you sign up with Monese), and you’re good to go!


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