Chasing success? Then you can’t afford to skip this post!

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Ask anyone and I bet one of their top goal for their life is to be successful. Success is one of those things that can apply to so many different areas of our lives, from raising a great family to reaching the upper echelons of your career, and it’s totally personal to you; there are no two paths to success that are the same, which can make achieving success tricky!

The great news is that success is pretty much guaranteed if you just keep going and never quit. Here are some incredibly inspiring TED Talks to get you fired up and ready to go and grab your dreams!

Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep

This is a great talk from the woman behind the Huffington Post. She highlights how insane it is that we all brag about not having enough sleep, and goes on to explain why getting more sleep may be the key to achieving the success we all crave.

Malcolm Gladwell: The Unheard Story of David and Goliath

Think you know all about the ultimate underdog story? Well, Malcolm manages to present to you a different view on the story, and it’s well worth listening to as it will make you look at situations you may be facing in a completely different way.

Steven Berlin Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

Still waiting for your ‘Eureka!’ moment? Steven explains that it might never happen, well – not that you won’t reach that point, but that a sudden, incredible idea doesn’t usually appear out of nowhere. It takes years of incremental sparks of genius, effort, and sheer persistence before that moment can happen. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Richard St. John: 8 Secrets of Success

Richard has spent several years, conducted hundreds of interviews and spoken to some of the most successful and influential people alive just to try and understand the key to success. In a short, three-minute slideshow he shares everything he learnt about how to become and how to maintain success.

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