Want to save money on your holiday? You need to think like an agent!

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Have you had just about enough of the cold, grey Winter? Yeah, we have too and it’s now time to think about booking that far overdue holiday somewhere hot and sunny! The benefits of taking a holiday are well documented – think ultimate relaxation, getting some sun on your skin (after you’ve slathered on the suncream!) and taking in all the experiences of a new culture.

The one thing about holidays is that they can really become quite expensive if you don’t take some extra time to plan them carefully. If you want to make sure you get the best holiday, whilst not having to pay through the roof for it, get your ‘travel agent’ cap on and read our top tips below!

Get organised

For years we have all been told that booking at the last-minute is the way forward when it comes to holidays, but this can be a little misleading. Most of us don’t have the flexibility to take off at the drop of a hat as we have things like children and annual leave to think about. Also, some travel deals are best booked in advance, like train or coach fares. If you know you have a set date then try to book your air travel early too, don’t count on last-minute deals that fit into your schedule, especially if you are travelling during peak times (think summer holidays or school breaks).

Use smart tech

One of the best ways to get a great deal is to use technology to your advantage. Go online and search sites like Kayak, Skyscanner and Expedia for your holiday. Once you get the results, take a note of the provider, then book directly through them – it’s often cheaper as you cut out the middleman fees. Also use Google flights and set up an alert so that you don’t miss when your preferred flight is at it’s cheapest.

Research your destination

Take a little time to delve into your destination and find out what lies beyond the hotel walls, unless staying in the resort is your idea of total heaven. Try to have a rough idea of how much things cost. It’s a good idea to find local restaurants or places where you can grab a bite to eat and drink on the go and tally that into your holiday budget. Also consider booking local excursions, day trips or activities before you go – sometimes you can grab a great deal online. Don’t be left in a situation where you end up spending far too much when you are away, all because you didn’t budget ahead of time.  

Just ask

Yes, it can really be that simple. If you have found a really good deal contact some travel companies directly and ask if they can better the offer. Sometimes they might not be able to reduce the overall cost of the trip but they might be able to offer you some added extras like room upgrades, free half-board or a spa visit token. It’s always worth just asking – if they say no then you haven’t lost anything!

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