Don’t splash the cash this weekend!

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It’s Thursday so you know what that means right? It’s nearly the weekend! The much-needed and more than welcome time to chill, no thought of work for at least 2 days and nothing but fun times ahead. Alas, that would be the case if it wasn’t for that fact that by the time Monday rolls around you realise you’ve managed to blow the budget and spend far more than you anticipated, and you’re left wondering where it all went? The thing is, at the weekend it’s far too easy to splash the cash. You want to enjoy the little time off you have, and some of us are willing to put our money where our mouths are to get the maximum joy in this time. But can you really afford it? Probably not; herein lies the problem.

Here’s how you can avoid reaching for your credit card and still have a great time this weekend.

Don’t impulse buy!

Not got much on this weekend but fancy getting out the house? Well, you might be tempted to go for a quick window shop – except it’ll probably not end up more ‘would you like a bag with that?’ and much less ‘no thanks, just browsing’! Some surveys have shown that people buy at least one item that they did not intend to buy when they shop, over a lifetime this equates to around £50,000 worth of impulse buys!

Instead of being tempted into buying things you don’t need, think about how you shop before you go. Rather than not going, set yourself a small budget that you can stick to when you are out and about. If you are going to the cinema, think about bringing your own snacks – think a bag of popcorn, not a burger and chips! Heading out for a drink? Try to catch the happy hours or look online for any voucher codes floating about, it can save you quite a few quid by the end of the night! Also, remember to eat before you go food shopping! Trying to resist buying extras when you are hungry is nigh on impossible!

Leave your credit card at home

Instead of carrying cash! It sounds so simple but don’t underestimate the power of the debit card and cash vs. the credit card. Most of us know that when we spend cash it somehow feels like we are spending more, so we tend to hold back on the splurge! There is also more of a temptation to spend on a credit card if it comes with any so-called ‘benefits’, but you also often forget that the money you are spending has to be paid back, and you can quickly find that you have built up a sizeable debt that you owe.

The great benefit of a Monese account is that you cannot run up any debts! You also have access to your money as and when you like it via ATM’s or being able to make bank transfers. Our Insta-Balance feature will also make sure you never lose track of what’s in your account, or how much you are spending – so there will be no nasty surprises come Monday morning!


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