How to see the world on a student budget

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Going to university is a huge life event, it’s where you learn about so much more than just your craft. You get to make the transition into adulthood through immersion, and by the time you graduate you will probably have picked up some lifelong skills, like how to make new friends, how to manage your time and how to look after your money!

These are all great, but to learn these skills you need to experience new things, like travelling beyond your university campus. Most of us enjoy getting away from it all, having an amazing holiday and making new memories, but how do you do that that when the costs of studying are so high? Aside from the cost of the fees, you have to stump up for your accommodation, food and clothing as well as anything else you need, which doesn’t leave an awful lot for holidays. But don’t get disheartened, there are ways you can travel on a tight budget, and still have an amazing time!


Book ahead of time

Try to book any trips as far ahead of time as possible. If you can book a few months in advance you’ll save some money on flights and in particular, train travel. Remember to book any tourist hotspots in advance too. When you book early you give yourself time to pay off the balance slowly, so you don’t overstretch yourself all in one go.

Travel out of season

Before you travel figure out when the off-season is at your destination. Obviously, you don’t really want to travel in certain places during peak storm season or when it’s completely overrun with tourists, so try to find the happy medium. Consider travelling at the end or just before the peak seasons and you’ll find the prices for just about everything from travel, accommodation, attractions and even food cheaper than usual.

Forget the hotels

Instead of staying in hotels, book yourself into great b&b’s, hostels or Airbnb your stay instead. You’ll save yourself loads of cash if you avoid pricey hotels. When you are travelling all you really need is somewhere safe, clean and comfy to rest your head – after all, you’ll probably be out early and up late exploring a new country.

Watch what you eat

Well, more specifically, watch where you eat. Instead of going to the first place you see in the busy tourist areas, walk a few streets away and try somewhere more local. The food will probably be nicer, more authentic and far cheaper than something located right on the main strip. If you are heading out to markets you can always try to haggle the price down a little, and if you’ve taken the advice to stay somewhere with a kitchen, cook up your own meal!

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