The Comprehensive Guide to Remote Working: Part 2

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Here is the second part of our comprehensive guide to remote working.

Where to live?

Finding somewhere to live is difficult at the best of times, but it’s even harder when you are looking for somewhere in a completely different country. You’ll need to find somewhere long-term to stay, and as affordable as possible – so that counts hotels out! Having a good wifi connection is also essential.


This is a great site that has a huge amount of places to stay. They are all user generated and are temporary accommodation or shared housing. There’s a huge amount of places listed, from all over the world. So if you are ok with sharing, and perhaps want to meet some cool new people, give this a try.


This is excellent if you are looking for a longer term place to stay – say 6 months or so. Nestpick works with several rental sites across a wide range of cities to list only the best furnished apartments for digital nomads.


Currently, they are in only 5 places (London, Tokyo, Miami, Bali and San Francisco), but Roam takes co-working to a new level and allows you to book ‘flexible housing’ on a week to week or month to month basis. Along with their properties, you’ll also get help with travel arrangements via their website.

Meet others

Even though there is a large digital nomad community, meeting new people on the road is tricky. These apps and websites aim to make meeting new friends simple. They are also great for networking with people in a similar field to you.


This is a cool social network for nomads around the world. It lets you connect with others who are in the same city as you. They also arrange parties and meet up’s which is pretty cool!

Nomad Projects

Nomad Projects connects people who are looking for a partner for their side venture. Finding a new business partner when you are not guaranteed to be in any one location for a long period of time is very difficult. This site is great for connecting you with other nomads who understand the working conditions, and are used to all the difficulties that come with being location independent.

Nomad Pass

A really cool site that not only helps you to find new people to work/chill out with but also lets you find the best places to work from and they give you advice about moving around, destination guides and local tips.

Check back tomorrow to read the final part in out guide. You’ll learn about how to handle your money, how to keep up-to-date and how to just get up and go!


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