Try these small money hacks to get richer everyday

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We all know that we should be saving for retirement, have a rainy day fund and just have some extra cash for just-in-case purposes, but where does it all come from? How is it possible to have some spare cash at the end of the month when the general costs of living are so high? You might think you’ll need to get more money (which if you can is a good idea), but sometimes it’s just not possible.

However, you can make a positive change to your bank balance without needing to add more hours at work. Here are some of the best small life hacks that you can start right now that will save some cash, and even make some cash, with very little effort needed.

Cancel your subscriptions

This one is really easy to do. Most subscriptions are paid monthly and can be cancelled at any moment via your online account. If you are not using your t.v or music subscriptions, or there are free alternatives available you should definitely cancel them! £10 a month might not seem like much money, but if you have 3 different monthly subscriptions this will cost you £360 a year!

Check your bank

Make sure that you are not paying any unnecessary fees or hidden charges for your account. Many high street banks add high fees to their accounts which you may not realise that you are paying. With a Monese account there are no hidden charges or fees and you can use your card abroad without the worry of getting over-charged.

Bring a packed lunch

Consider bringing your lunch to work with you. Think about how much money you spend on lunch every day, it’s probably around £6-£10 right? Packing your lunch at home could end up saving you around £1400 a year! The easiest way to pack your lunch is to use the leftovers of your dinner as your lunch for the next day. You should also consider getting a refillable water bottle that you can use in the office to cut down on the costs of buying bottled drinks.

Get selling

Try listing one old item a day on sites like eBay or Gumtree to see what you can get for it. Not only will this clear out your home, you’ll make some extra cash in the meantime. It’s a win-win! Also, sell your really old gadgets and unwanted cd’s via trade in websites like Music Magpie – you could get a fairly decent amount of cash.

Check for workplace benefits

Get on to your HR department at work to see if there are any company benefits that you are entitled to use. Some of them you may have to pay for – but you’ll get them at a discounted rate so it might make it worth it overall. Find out about healthcare, dental and optician plans, discounted gym rate and some companies even have deals with telephone and broadband networks, so see if you can get a deal there too.


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